Staff Directory

SOS Office

Sarah Pope

Sarah Pope, Executive Director

Cheryl Bauerle

Cheryl Bauerle, Human Resources Manager

Melissa Giebel

Nancy Torcivia, Financial Manager

Jamie Sullivan, Program and Office Administrator

Melissa Giebel

Marie Piascik, Office Assistant

Andrew Appel, Building Supervisor

Rheanna Lumia

Rheanna Lumia, Human Resources Representative

Ben Pascarella

Ben Pascarella, Assistant Building Supervisor

ABA Therapy Program

Clinic Manager

Melissa Giebel

Melissa Giebel, Clinic Manager


Spears Beckham, Consultant

Dianna Boston, Consultant

Tammie Deliberti,  Consultant

Liz Egan,  Consultant

Jonisha Hart,  Consultant

Robyn Kelly, Consultant

Jen Kuhn, Consultant

Adam Law,  Consultant

Kelly Long,  Consultant

Rachel Michi, Consultant

Melissa Mims,  Consultant

Melissa Farah,  Consultant

Jessica Scibilia, Consultant

Daniel Valverde, Consultant

Line and Lead Therapists

Maria Ardrey,  Lead Therapist

Jessica Armstrong,  Line Therapist

Abigail Ayres,  Line Therapist

Marissa Baglione,  Line Therapist

Roxanne Barrell,  Line Therapist

Monica Beach,  Line Therapist

Tonya Bellamy,  Line Therapist

Corey Blagsvedt,  Line Therapist

Jessica Brown,  Line Therapist

Alyssa Buford, Line Therapist

Suzanne Crass,  Lead Therapist

Gina Crews,  Line Therapist

Jeffrey Cummings,  Lead Therapist

Amy Donnelly, Line Therapist

Lucy Eleftheriou, Line Therapist

Lindsey Fleming, Line Therapist

Savannah Floyd, Line Therapist

Carey Flucker, Line Therapist

Josiah Godbolt, LineTherapist

Ellery Hammond, LineTherapist

Brittany Houck, LineTherapist

Catherine Hughes, Lead Therapist

Shelby Jennings, Line Therapist

Nicole Jimenez, Line Therapist

Kathryn Jones, Line Therapist

Jessica Langley, Line Therapist

Lindsay Lewis, Line Therapist

Darrian Love,  Lead Therapist

Chloe Luke, Line Therapist

Gena Maher, Line Therapist

ReShaya McBride, Line Therapist

Jazzmin Mitchell, Line Therapist

Sarah Mullins, Line Therapist

KaAnn Murray,  Lead Therapist

Nancy Nicaragua-Ferrante, Lead Therapist

Diane Owens,  Lead Therapist

Marissa Phillips,  Line Therapist

Joanne Potts,  Line Therapist

Danielle Pritchard,  Line Therapist

Lacey Ravenell,  Line Therapist

Carly Roberts,  Line Therapist

Erica Robles,  Line Therapist

Angela Ruggiero, Line Therapist

Amber Shaffer,  Line Therapist

Kimberly Skipper, Lead Therapist

Nina Smith, Line Therapist

Ashley Snow, Line Therapist

Zakiya Sutton, Line Therapist

Kevin Thomas, Line Therapist

Helen Tran, Line Therapist

Kelsey Tressler, Lead Therapist

Yvette Velazquez, Line Therapist

Lauren Van Wie, Lead Therapist

James Walters,  Lead Therapist

Paula Waters,  Line Therapist

Shanleye Weismiller  Line Therapist

Julie Wiechec, Line Therapist

Nathan Wills,  Line Therapist

Courtney York, Line Therapist

Jeffre Youngblood,  Lead Therapist

ACE - Autism Community Education

Diane Owens

Diane Owens, Program Coordinator

Career Camp


Lisa Palm, Program Coordinator

Dogs For Disabilities

Jamie Sullivan

Jamie Sullivan, Program Coordinator

Friday Knights II

Jamie Sullivan

Jamie Sullivan,  Program Coordinator

Rachel Michi, MS, BCBA

Mindy Boster, Program Manager

Shannon Peterson

Shannon Peterson, Program Manager

Project Lifesaver

Monique Clement

Monique Clement, Program Coordinator

Social Skills Group

Melissa Farah

Diane Owens

Diane Owens

Adam Law

Adam Law

SOUL - Skills Of Understanding Life

Adam Law

Adam Law, Program Coordinator

Julie Wiechec

Julie Wiechec, Program Coordinator

Substitutes for Santa

Monique Clement

Monique Clement, Program Coordinator

SOS Summer Camp

Jamie Sullivan

Jamie Sullivan Program Coordinator

Urgent Dental Care

Monique Clement

Monique Clement, Program Coordinator

Adult Services

College Mentor

Julie Wiechec

Julie Wiechec, Program Coordinator

Fit For Life

Diane Owens

Diane Owens, Program Coordinator

Diane Owens

Lauren Van Wie, Exercise Instructor

Independent Living Skills Program

Jamie Sullivan

Jamie Sullivan, Housing Resource Coordinator


Lisa Palm, Coordinator of Adult Services

Jenna Melino

Jenna Melino,  Educational Planner

Diane Owens

Diane Owens, Life Skills Trainer

Carey Flucker, Life Skills Trainer

Job Coach Program


Lisa Palm, Job Coach for Horry, Florence, and Charleston Counties

Diane Owens

Diane Owens, Job Coach

Carey Flucker, Job Coach

Terry Bolda, Job Coach for Spartanburg and Greenville Counties

Oak Tree Farm

Jamie Sullivan

Jamie Sullivan, Program Coordinator

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