Project SEARCH

Project SEARCH is an internationally recognized employment program for individuals with disabilities. Started in 1996 at the Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center, the Project SEARCH experience provides innovative employment and career development opportunities, integrating classroom training with real work experience. The program aims to increase employment opportunities for persons with disabilities and advocate on behalf of their employment to other organizations. This is done through a one year, school-to-work experience that takes place entirely at the host site workplace.

SOS has teamed up with Conway Medical Center, Horry County Schools, Coastal Carolina University’s LIFE Program, the SC Department of Disabilities and Special Needs, and SC Vocational Rehabilitation to bring a Project SEARCH site to Horry County.

Conway Medical Center will provide Project SEARCH interns with three ten-week rotations through different hospital departments. Teamed with a classroom teacher and a skills trainer, students learn valuable skills – from navigating public transportation so that they can reliably get to work on time, to learning how to professionally communicate with customers and colleagues.

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