S.O.S. Health Care, Inc. was established in 1989 by Dr. Bill Davis. He had a varied history of helping others in Northeastern South Carolina. In 1989 Dr. Bill Davis, a local urologist, gave up his practice as he was disenchanted with the treatment of individuals needing medical services who could not pay for those services. He formed SOS Healthcare (Surviving Our System).

The following programs and projects were established by Dr. Davis as he met the challenging needs of our community:

2007 The Building Futures Autism Clinic

2006 The Dogs for Autism Program

2004 The Health and Wellness Center was built in Cedar Branch Community

2003 Shared Care

2002 Wallen Dental Fund

1999 Urgent Dental Care

1998 Homework 4 Kids

1997 Seniors Helping Seniors

1995, Caring 4 Kids

1994 Care Team

1992 First Newsletter

1990 Prescription Program

1989 SOS Health Care established

Sharing = Helping

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