ABA Therapy

SOS Health Care provides Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy across South Carolina. For more information regarding the application process and locations served, please contact us.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy is an evidence-based method of treatment for
Autism that uses various techniques, such as positive reinforcement, to bring about meaningful change in behavior. ABA uses objective measurements to determine positive changes in behavior. Our Applied Behavior Analysis program uses natural environment teaching, so children can transfer what they learn to multiple areas such as at home and out in the community and school.

Various studies have shown that ABA therapy can improve a child’s communication, social relationships, self-care, school behavior, and play. Our ABA program is both comprehensive and intensive, in that the program covers a broad range of life skills. The program involves a specific treatment plan with well-defined goals for each individual learner.

Our ABA Therapy Services

Our early intervention program is focused on teaching children the importance of language and communication. Children learn to communicate through systematic teaching using preferred items found in their everyday life. Once our learners are successful in communicating, these skills are targeted in a more comprehensive manner. In addition to communication skills, our therapy program involves teaching social and independent play, daily living skills, group routines, and generalization to the home and community environments.

  • 1:1 Intensive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy to children up to age 21.
  • We provide a complete skills assessment for each child. They are given their own behavior plan, which will include a functional assessment of problem behaviors, skills targeted for acquisition, and parent training. Each child will have a team specifically trained in that learner’s program.

After “Early Intervention”

Once our learners have reached a certain level of development, their needs and goals often change from those of an “early learner.” After mastering language acquisition in the curriculum and problem behavior has been reduced, we are able to better target social skills, functional living skills, and more complex language. Some examples of skills targeted in this program may include problem solving, self-management, relationship skills, nonverbal cues, and flexibility.

Our ABA Therapists

All of our ABA Therapists are certified as Registered Behavior Technicians through the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.

To start the enrollment process for ABA therapy, submit the Getting To Know You form

How to submit the "Getting To Know You" enrollment form.

Option # 1

  1. Click the link below to open the form
  2. Fill in as much as possible and hit the submit button

Option # 2

  1. Download and print the document
  2. Fill in as much as possible.
  3. Mail it to: PO Box 7136, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572
  4. Or Fax to:  843-712-1225

We will contact you within two business days of receiving your Getting To Know You form.


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