Autism Services

With the blessing of an estate grant and other resources, SOS began providing autism services in 2007 in Myrtle Beach, SC.
Autism is an epidemic in our country. Some startling facts:
– It is of unknown cause.

– 1 in 91 births produce an autistic child-worst for boys.

– It is the most common birth defect.

– It is devastating to family life with an 80% divorce rate in these families.

– Resources across our nation are pitifully short.

Scholarships are needed for three children to attend life changing Building Futures Autism Clinic (for more info see current Newsletter). Don’t let a child fail to become independent when you hold the key to open the door to success!

New ideas currently being implemented by SOS are:

Training autism partner dogs in conjunction with North Star Foundation.

Dogs for Autism

Following an extraordinarily successful ABA Summer Program (see Applied Behavioral Services link below), our Building Futures Autism Clinic in Horry County will continue through our partnership with Applied Behavioral Services. SOS is supporting children with family incomes below 300% of the National Poverty Level in this year-round treatment program.

If you have a child with Autism and are interested in our ABA Clinic, please see our letter introducing the clinic (ABA Clinic Letter) and fill out our application (ABA Clinic Application).

If you would like to see an example of ABA therapy in action in our Building Futures Autism Clinic click on this link: ABA Therapy

If you have any questions, please call 449-0554.
More Information On This Program

Other Sites of Interest:

Applied Behavioral Services

Autism Advocate Foundation


Global Awareness Project

North Star Foundation

South Carolina Autism Society


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